Education:      Azusa Pacific University, BA in Commercial Music with Audio Engineering Emphasis (completed 2009)

2013 – Present           343 Industries – Kirkland, WA: Senior Audio Implementer (2015 to present) Audio Implementer (2013-2015)
- Help lead the audio team at 343 industries in implementing audio for Halo games. Establish best practices and implementation pipelines for the audio team.
- Design and help implement new systems and audio features in game, help design audio tools and pipelines, work with a programming team to build new audio systems and tools. 
- Primary mix engineer for final mix of in-game sounds

- Implement sounds, dialog, and music into the game using a combination of Wwise, Lua Scripting, and other proprietary tools.
- Manage technical aspects of sounds and audio implementation such as CPU, Memory, Streaming, etc.

2011 – 2012                   Microsoft: Sound Lab – Redmond, WA: Sound Designer
- Create original sound effects using Protools
Implement audio using a variety of proprietary and licensed tools, including Wwise, Halo 4 Engine, Unreal Engine, Infernal Engine, and a variety of proprietary tools.
-Work with a team of sound designers and other game industry professionals to create, implement, and mix the audio for games releasing on Xbox 360 and Xbox Kinect.
- Foley, voice over, and field recording for a variety of sounds and styles including guns, cars, airplanes, and ambience

2010 – 2011                   Griptonite Game Studios – Kirkland, WA: Sound Designer

- Create original sound effects using Protools and Sound Forge
- Implement audio using FMOD, Maya, Lua Scripting and proprietary tools
-Work on a team of sound designers to create, implement, and mix the audio for games releasing on Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and Nintendo Wii.
-Work with a full development team to manage, schedule, scope, and integrate/implement the audio for multiple iPhone and Nintendo DS projecta
- Manage audio assets and outsourced music, sounds, and voice over

2009 – 2010                   Robert Lang Studios – Shoreline, WA: Intern

- Assist in the building and installation of a new control room and console
- Studio setup, operations, and maintenance, cable testing and repair

2008 - 2009                    Martinsound Studios – Alhambra, CA: Intern
- Studio setup, operations, and maintenance
- Mic, cable, headphone, console repair and maintenance
- Set up for studio sessions ranging from single vocalist to full orchestra
- Mixing, premix, and operating Protools

2006 – 2010                   Triamp Group – Seattle, WA: Sound Engineer
- Setup and operation of live sound equipment for various situations ranging from single microphone for announcements to full festival concert setup including lights, monitors, and front of house
- Mix and engineer concerts from front of house or monitor position.

Computer Skills: Mac and PC, Wwise, FMOD, Unreal Engine, Unity, Maya, Perforce, Pro Tools, Sony Sound Forge, Logic Pro, Finale, Sibelius, Fraps, Sound Miner, Basehead, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premier Pro, Sony Vegas, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint), iLife (Garage Band, iMovie, iWeb), quick learner with proprietary tools and software.